Custom BDSM toys, spanking paddles and BDSM gifts. Home of 'RedBottom Paddles®'
Personalized Oak spanking paddles, leather gifts, dungeon toys.

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Spanking Paddles

Home of the 'RED BOTTOM Paddl'


BDSM Toys and Gifts
Spanking Paddles Beautifully Crafted of Quality Oak

Unique BDSM toys and crafts for Mistress and Master.

Personalized Spanking Paddles and Custom Crafts for Dungeon,
and play parties.

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I am known as rickC in our Albany, Central and Upper NY BDSM Community and Albuquerque areas of New Mexico.

I'm a strong willed and free spirited Taurus, designer, artist and crafter of all my BDSM products. I am in the service of M'Lady Draco, '', who also has a passion for crafting, quilting, embroidery and knotwork.

Uniqueness, quality and class are my passion when it comes to lifestyle crafting. Attention to detail and Creative BDSM design is my specialty. My spanking paddles, 'RedBottom Paddles®' line is always evolving.

I am in the process of setting up an ETSY site.
Some of the links here may take you there for my latest catalog items.

Have something custom in mind, lets descuss its creation
this includes BDSM toys, spanking paddles, gifts and high end quality dungeon creations.




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